Fresher than the store. Delivered to your door.

Grown in Ames, Iowa all year-round. And no pesticides ever.

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What we're growing

Red Butterhead Lettuce

Soft and tender with slightly sweet and mildly bitter leaves.

$7.00 - 4 servings

Oak Leaf Lettuce

Mild, sweet and nutty flavor.

$7.00 - 4 servings


Crunchy with a sweet, slightly nutty grass flavor. Great raw or added to stir-fry.

$6.00 - 4 servings

Broccoli Sprouts

Thick and hearty with nutty and spicy flavors. Great with wraps and sandwiches.

$6.00 - 4 servings

Micro Radish

Crisp and tender with lingering peppery heat. Great for burgers, steaks, and salads.

$6.00 - 4 servings

Cherry Tomatoes

Crisp and sweet. Great for pastas, salads, and snacks.

$6.00 - 2 servings
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Growing what people want

At our farm, we believe in consistent and transparent food. We grow in a controlled environment, use no pesticides, & harvest every week, year round.

What our subscribers are saying...

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"Lettuce from the store lasts 3 days, maybe 1 week if it's from the farmer's market. Nebullam's lasts the whole 2 weeks."


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"I love the convenience of free delivery and the quality is paramount."


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"My initial attraction was the local aspect, but I continue to re-order because of the freshness and quality."


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"I have had several deliveries now, and every single leaf is tender and fresh. I love it!"


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"I want quality lettuce that also tastes good. I'm never going back to the stuff at the store."


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“This is week 2 of our subscription and we absolutely love it!  We are blown away at the quality of the lettuce.”


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