Same day harvest and delivery to your door

Same day harvest and delivery to your door

We are your year-round local farmers

Our flagship farm is located in Ames, IA. And we are expanding to grow in Minneapolis soon!
We grow from seed. And we harvest and deliver to-your-door. All-year-round.

About Us and the farm

We grow from seed

We grow all our produce from seed. And we keep it all local to you, so that we're able to harvest and deliver to-your-door in the same day. That all means we're able to get the freshest, most nutritious produce to you.

And indoor growing means that we're able to have an optimal growing environment all year round. At Nebullam Farm, we harvest 52 weeks a year!

Designing our Farm with care

We've carefully planned our farm design and layout to make the most efficient use of space and resources while providing the best possible environment for growing. And we're continually making improvements.

In this way, we're able to produce consistently high quality food, and maximizes resources too.

Indoor farming is sustainable farming.

Our team

At Nebullam Farm, we're a small and dedicated team.

Our mission is to grow what people want.

So as we grow in 2022, we will be heads down in work mode. We're determined to spend as much time as possible with our subscribers, who are helping us to bring our mission to life.

What we're growing

Red Butterhead Lettuce

Soft and tender with slightly sweet and mildly bitter leaves.

Oak Leaf Lettuce

Mild, sweet and nutty flavor.


Crunchy with a sweet, slightly nutty grass flavor.

Broccoli Sprouts

Delicate. With a mild spice to their flavor.

Micro Radish

Crisp and tender with a peppery heat.

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet. And juicy too!

Rainbow Chard

A dark leafy green and a nutritional powerhouse! Mild and sweet when cooked.


Peppery and tender leaves with a fresh and distinctive flavor

How it works

Lettuce from the store lasts 3 days, maybe 1 week if it's from the farmer's market. Nebullam's lasts the whole 2 weeks.

I love the convenience of free delivery and the quality is paramount

My initial attraction was the local aspect, but I continue to re-order because of the freshness and quality

I have had several deliveries now, and every single leaf is tender and fresh. I love it!

I want quality lettuce that also tastes good. I'm never going back to the stuff at the store

This is week 2 of our subscription and we absolutely love it!  We are blown away at the quality of the lettuce

Ready to get started?

2500 North Loop Drive
Suite 7550
Ames, Iowa
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