Our story

Nebullam's genesis began as an idea to focus on food security and production, sustainably. That focus has evolved into our current mission statement; to create year-round access to reliable and local food, everywhere.

In order to prove out our technology and its place within indoor farming, we have become our own first customer. In May of 2019, we established the Nebullam Model Farm, located within the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, Iowa. Nebullam's Model Farm is currently producing lettuce and microgreen varieties. We want to harvest and sell our food directly to you, year-round.

As we grow in 2021, our team will be heads down in work mode. We're determined to spend as much time as possible with our customers, who are helping us to bring our mission to life.

Meet our team

Danen Pool

Chief Technology Officer

Clayton Mooney

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Parker

Lead Production Specialist

Nick Herrig

Lead Software Engineer

Keeping up with our growing

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