In our reliable food bundle, you'll receive the following, every other week, for 6 weeks:


1 pound of our Red Butterhead Lettuce

Soft, buttery-textured leaves, with mild, sweet, and succulent flavor.

Great for everyday salads and low-carb meals.


2 containers of our Microgreens

Great additions to your Nebullam salad, or your sandwich, wrap, or smoothie.


Our current microgreen varieties currently include:

  • Broccoli Sprouts
  • Micro Basil
  • Micro Radish
  • Pea Shoots
  • Micro Arugula
  • Micro Dill


We'll do our best to accomodate for your favorite microgreen choices.

Bi-Weekly Delivery: 3 Month Reliable Food Bundle (6 servings)