Welcome to our farm

We grow using our proprietary hydroponic and aeroponic equipment.

We are growing healthy local food, year-round. And close to home.

People deserve fresh local food year-round, and the industry dinosaurs can't provide that. We design and build our own indoor farming equipment, which can be deployed closer to you.

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Indoor farming is how the world gains access to the best food, grown locally, year-round. We're grateful to have a brilliant team of engineers and visionaries who have designed and built our own indoor farming equipment. We're farmers, roboticists, and biologists who are here to build the best technology to grow the best food. Nothing less.

Healthier Produce

Most produce loses 1/3 or more of its nutrients within 3 days of harvest. Our average harvest-to-delivery time is only 180 minutes thanks to our growing equipment and delivery fulfillment being vertically integrated.

More food per square foot

By stacking our horizontal growing equipment, we produce up to 10x more food than other indoor farms, and 20x more food than outdoor farms.

66% less labor costs

Our software which runs our growing equipment acts as the onsite horticulturalist.

52 harvests per year

Because we tier our production, we can harvest every week from a different section of our growing equipment, all year long.

Up to 98% less water usage

The water and nutrients our plants don't use is recycled and reused. For every month we grow plants, we save one year's worth of water.

Up to 50% less fertilizer

By using hydroponics, we only need about half the fertilizer everyone else needs.